Sunday, March 9, 2014

The period of time before your skills | as an artist / creator / designer / dreamer | have developed enough to catch up with your taste .

And if there is anyone who knows this gap, it is me .
The struggle between the vision + the product .
And oh, the work it takes to close the gap .

The Gap .
The Gap is a short, typographic video in which German designer Daniel Sax ingeniously illustrates the words of Ira Glass concerning "the gap" so many of us have encountered .

My heart S A N G when I watched this film .

I have almost never watched anything so M E .
So compelling .
So inspiring .
So T R U E .

A nearly inevitable occurrence for the creative souls | hands | minds .
For hours | days | years .

Watch + L O V E .
Watch + N O D .
Watch + K N O W the gap was | is | will be a part of the process .


Watch + W O N D E R  what will come when the gap is one day no more .

+ All images via The Gap by Ira Glass .
+ Read more about The Gap H E R E .

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Lent is a season in the Christian church that has traditionally been observed as a period of time in which believers prepare for the series of events leading to our Lord's death and burial and resurrection on Easter Sunday . Oftentimes, Lent involved a commitment of believers to give up certain types of luxuries or habits or doings as a form of penitence .

The Lent season lasts forty days, from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday, making note to the forty days Jesus spent fasting in the desert prior to beginning his ministry .

In this time of giving up, I hear Ingrid Michaelson's lighthearted words singing through my head :
I am giving up on making passes and
I am giving up on half empty glasses and
I am giving up on greener grasses
I am G I V I N G  U P .

I want to be in the spirit of G I V I N G   U P more often than this Lent season alone .
But it will start here . In Lent . Giving up the little things that prevent me from living with a heart fixed on more than myself . A heart + life fixed on One alone .

And so,

These notions I have .

These deceptions I too often believe .

These burdens I bear .

I will be G I V I N G  U P . 

I  G I V E   U P  the need to write about things other people are writing about to feel like what I say matters .

I  G I V E   U P the need to be someone everyone knows in order to be someone . 

I  G I V E   U P the need to read an ebook to learn how to best dress myself .

I  G I V E   U P the need to "find myself."

I  G I V E   U P the need to make my creative endeavors a full time business out of my home . 

I  G I V E   U P the need to fill orders day after day and ship them out day after day . 

I  G I V E   U P the need to meet a quota to feel successful enough . 

I  G I V E   U P the need to have followers | devoted readers | frantic buyers to make me feel like my art is legitimate . 

I  G I V E   U P the need to fill every moment of every day with checking items off my list . 

I  G I V E   U P the need to Instagram my coffee mug in my hand or my shoes on the ground in order to begin a day . 

I  G I V E   U P the need to attend certain conferences and network in order to feel like a creatively minded follower of Christ . 

I  G I V E   U P the need to be discouraged for being who I am and not being who someone else is . 

I  G I V E   U P the need to use my talents to make a profit .

I  G I V E   U P the need to follow a calling that isn't mine .

Not to lose . But to find . Starting now, in this season of Lent + beyond .