Saturday, February 22, 2014

# C H O R D P r o j e c t

Since I wrote about gaining a sense of 

in this coming year, 
I have been thinking heavily on the different components that make up this thing I call my life . 

Everything that goes into everyday that makes it what it is . 
And makes it what I love .

The family piece, as different as FAMILY looks to me this year than even last year . Family entails the wife piece + the mama piece now . Then there is the friend piece . The work piece . The home piece . The piece . The creative piece . The adventure piece . The hobby piece . The God piece . The piece .

How do all of these pieces fit together, work together, fit well, and work well ? In a rhythmic manner ?

Music has always resonated with me . The feelings evoked in a song's rhythms + chords . The lyrical artistry involved + how words not even from my own lips can feel so personal and real to me at particular times in my life . Music is relevant and is able to relate to people across the ages, varying in styles and tempos and instruments implemented .

As an orchestra has many instruments working together to create oneness .

This oneness created in musical means comes not only from the song's rhythm in its entirety, but in each singlethat is played .

Ais a grouping composed of different notes sounded together in a manner of agreement, resulting in a pleasing sound to the ear . A sense, too, of oneness .

My hope is that the pieces of my life come together in the same way . That my interests and passions and beliefs and travels and abilities and strengths and people around me would all orchestrate together happily to create oneness.

One beautiful.

A is intentional . An intentional, thoughtful combination of keys played simultaneously ; Each note having purpose and being integral to the chord as a whole .

Not aimlessly running ones hand down the the length of a piano in hopes that the sounds turn out right .

A L L T H I S T O S A Y :

As I prepared to celebrate another new year of life a few weeks ago, I decided to use this next year to put together a collective, if you will, a book of varying thoughts to ring out anthems of my musings and mind matter at this particular point in my life journey .

A  , if you will .

Much of the inspiration behind this CHORD project comes from my love for writing + journaling + mixed media art, comprised of the many papers and fabrics and verbiage and miscellaneous remnants of things past being used once more to create something new + brilliantly beautiful .

And along the way, there have been catalysts as well .

And who, you may ask, has most inspired me with her truthful words and questions + her real, messy, raw, and resourceful artwork ?
Her name would be Sabrina Ward Harrison .

And if you know her work, you will be smiling right now .

If you don't know her work, you will in a moment + you will see a glimpse into my vision behind my
project .

I will be using what I have + what I know to create art that reflects none other than me . And my life + my thoughts + my feelings . Being real + messy + raw + resourceful + speaking both what is true + what I question .

I know not every in this life will come out sounded in perfect harmony . There will be wrong notes and missed keys + I suppose that is what makes the right seem so right .

So here is to an artful endeavor to create a collection of all that is me . My life . My thoughts . My creative outpouring . For this coming year .

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