Thursday, May 15, 2014

#Styleforjustice | Rwanda 2 0 1 4

I have entered a giveaway with Noonday Collection to join them in advocating 
for justice + #Styleforjustice in Rwanda this coming July . 
S O  E X C I T E D .

Noonday Collection is a company that uses fashion to restore dignity to countless women worldwide by giving them employment opportunities and a means to economic stability for themselves + their families . 

Not to mention, Noonday Collection accessories are B E A U T I F U L . 

Take a look at their website + take a look at my written entry to the giveaway, 
which talks a little about my experience at Denver's own Women's Bean Project, 
then V O T E by following the link below !

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Sunday, March 9, 2014

The period of time before your skills | as an artist / creator / designer / dreamer | have developed enough to catch up with your taste .

And if there is anyone who knows this gap, it is me .
The struggle between the vision + the product .
And oh, the work it takes to close the gap .

The Gap .
The Gap is a short, typographic video in which German designer Daniel Sax ingeniously illustrates the words of Ira Glass concerning "the gap" so many of us have encountered .

My heart S A N G when I watched this film .

I have almost never watched anything so M E .
So compelling .
So inspiring .
So T R U E .

A nearly inevitable occurrence for the creative souls | hands | minds .
For hours | days | years .

Watch + L O V E .
Watch + N O D .
Watch + K N O W the gap was | is | will be a part of the process .


Watch + W O N D E R  what will come when the gap is one day no more .

+ All images via The Gap by Ira Glass .
+ Read more about The Gap H E R E .

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Lent is a season in the Christian church that has traditionally been observed as a period of time in which believers prepare for the series of events leading to our Lord's death and burial and resurrection on Easter Sunday . Oftentimes, Lent involved a commitment of believers to give up certain types of luxuries or habits or doings as a form of penitence .

The Lent season lasts forty days, from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday, making note to the forty days Jesus spent fasting in the desert prior to beginning his ministry .

In this time of giving up, I hear Ingrid Michaelson's lighthearted words singing through my head :
I am giving up on making passes and
I am giving up on half empty glasses and
I am giving up on greener grasses
I am G I V I N G  U P .

I want to be in the spirit of G I V I N G   U P more often than this Lent season alone .
But it will start here . In Lent . Giving up the little things that prevent me from living with a heart fixed on more than myself . A heart + life fixed on One alone .

And so,

These notions I have .

These deceptions I too often believe .

These burdens I bear .

I will be G I V I N G  U P . 

I  G I V E   U P  the need to write about things other people are writing about to feel like what I say matters .

I  G I V E   U P the need to be someone everyone knows in order to be someone . 

I  G I V E   U P the need to read an ebook to learn how to best dress myself .

I  G I V E   U P the need to "find myself."

I  G I V E   U P the need to make my creative endeavors a full time business out of my home . 

I  G I V E   U P the need to fill orders day after day and ship them out day after day . 

I  G I V E   U P the need to meet a quota to feel successful enough . 

I  G I V E   U P the need to have followers | devoted readers | frantic buyers to make me feel like my art is legitimate . 

I  G I V E   U P the need to fill every moment of every day with checking items off my list . 

I  G I V E   U P the need to Instagram my coffee mug in my hand or my shoes on the ground in order to begin a day . 

I  G I V E   U P the need to attend certain conferences and network in order to feel like a creatively minded follower of Christ . 

I  G I V E   U P the need to be discouraged for being who I am and not being who someone else is . 

I  G I V E   U P the need to use my talents to make a profit .

I  G I V E   U P the need to follow a calling that isn't mine .

Not to lose . But to find . Starting now, in this season of Lent + beyond . 

Saturday, February 22, 2014

# C H O R D P r o j e c t

Since I wrote about gaining a sense of 

in this coming year, 
I have been thinking heavily on the different components that make up this thing I call my life . 

Everything that goes into everyday that makes it what it is . 
And makes it what I love .

The family piece, as different as FAMILY looks to me this year than even last year . Family entails the wife piece + the mama piece now . Then there is the friend piece . The work piece . The home piece . The piece . The creative piece . The adventure piece . The hobby piece . The God piece . The piece .

How do all of these pieces fit together, work together, fit well, and work well ? In a rhythmic manner ?

Music has always resonated with me . The feelings evoked in a song's rhythms + chords . The lyrical artistry involved + how words not even from my own lips can feel so personal and real to me at particular times in my life . Music is relevant and is able to relate to people across the ages, varying in styles and tempos and instruments implemented .

As an orchestra has many instruments working together to create oneness .

This oneness created in musical means comes not only from the song's rhythm in its entirety, but in each singlethat is played .

Ais a grouping composed of different notes sounded together in a manner of agreement, resulting in a pleasing sound to the ear . A sense, too, of oneness .

My hope is that the pieces of my life come together in the same way . That my interests and passions and beliefs and travels and abilities and strengths and people around me would all orchestrate together happily to create oneness.

One beautiful.

A is intentional . An intentional, thoughtful combination of keys played simultaneously ; Each note having purpose and being integral to the chord as a whole .

Not aimlessly running ones hand down the the length of a piano in hopes that the sounds turn out right .

A L L T H I S T O S A Y :

As I prepared to celebrate another new year of life a few weeks ago, I decided to use this next year to put together a collective, if you will, a book of varying thoughts to ring out anthems of my musings and mind matter at this particular point in my life journey .

A  , if you will .

Much of the inspiration behind this CHORD project comes from my love for writing + journaling + mixed media art, comprised of the many papers and fabrics and verbiage and miscellaneous remnants of things past being used once more to create something new + brilliantly beautiful .

And along the way, there have been catalysts as well .

And who, you may ask, has most inspired me with her truthful words and questions + her real, messy, raw, and resourceful artwork ?
Her name would be Sabrina Ward Harrison .

And if you know her work, you will be smiling right now .

If you don't know her work, you will in a moment + you will see a glimpse into my vision behind my
project .

I will be using what I have + what I know to create art that reflects none other than me . And my life + my thoughts + my feelings . Being real + messy + raw + resourceful + speaking both what is true + what I question .

I know not every in this life will come out sounded in perfect harmony . There will be wrong notes and missed keys + I suppose that is what makes the right seem so right .

So here is to an artful endeavor to create a collection of all that is me . My life . My thoughts . My creative outpouring . For this coming year .

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

O N E | W O R D

I have heard in recent days of people choosing O N E   W O R D that they hope to use + define all 3 6 5 days of this year 2014 . 

One gal I read of would throw a number of potential words into a jar, then rummage through them over + over until she came up with her O N E word that she would work towards achieving + living out in the new year . 

Others knew exactly, upon that stroke of midnight on January 1 , what word they desperately needed, wanted, hoped + wished for - to be their word of this year . 

I thought about it momentarily just over a month ago, but never defined O N E  W O R D for my own self . 

I can hardly decide on O N E pair of shoes to wear each day, or O N E meal to make for dinner on a given evening, O N E shade of lipstick for a night out, or O N E song to start off a shower serenade . 

How would I choose O N E word for an entire year ? I asked myself . 

I am more of a little.bit.of.this + little.bit.of.that sort of gal + I tend to make my own life just a little more complicated because of it . Sure, mixing + matching priorities may be great, but not entirely effective in living life day to day .  

That's always been my weakness . 

Putting a little energy into something, while simultaneously putting a little energy into a hundred other little things + seeing little to no growth in any one area because all my energy is spread too thin . Also sometimes pouring much energy into one thing + running out of time + motivation to put energy into other parts of my life . 

Overthinking . Overdoing . Unbalanced . Misguided . 

It may have been easier for me t think of ten words or five words to define this year . Overthink it once again . 
A nice solid numbered list to strive towards . To try to check off one by one, day by day . 
I like to think big . 
But it would never last . 

And today, O N E word came to me . 
So, one month + 4 days in , I have O N E word . O N E thing I will be striving towards this year . O N E encompassing noun that will define my days . 

A noun . 
A strong, regular, repeated pattern of movement or sound . 

Synonyms include P A T T E R N | F L O W | T E M P O .

This year of 2 0 1 4 , I want to be working towards having in my day to day ; knowing what is important + what is not important + making strong, regular, repeated patterns of practicing the things worth practicing .  

is something I am working towards  . 
Knowing limits . 
Not always trying to fit too many beats into one measure .  

Havingis noticeable . 

It can be recognized if someone hasor if they do not . 

A song is more enjoyable to play + to listen to when there is a defined
When the beats, the sounds, the movement of what is being played follows a strong, regular, repeated pattern . 

does not make a song dull + predictable because of the expectancy that may occur in repeated patterns, but it does make it something to be sung along with . 

A life within the same way , should not become mundane due to regularity, but the familiarity of theshould bring about joy + a deepened understanding + growth + sustainability . 
A life withis one that others can follow along with as well ; A life in which the tasks + happening of utmost importance are consistently prioritized + made habit time after time after time . 

Withcomes intention + an underlying knowledge + a motivation to keep it going . 

So much of what I want to see + know + become + do in this coming year can only happen with
Creatingin my life . 

Creating a strong, regular, repeated pattern of movements + sounds . 
In what I say + do + think + feel . 
Predictability with purpose . 

encompasses so much . 

Andis progressive . 
I am just starting .

Thethat a new babe brings into your life . Day + night . 
Thethat a new job brings along . 
Thethat comes of time with friends

+ F A M I L Y 
+ N E I G H B O R S 
+ P A S S I O N S 
+ O B L I G A T I O N S 
+ T H O U G H T S 
+ F E E L I N G S
+ A  H O M E
+ A  C I T Y 
+ A L L  T H E  W O R L D  A R O U N D  M E .

Theof life that progressively becomes clear . 

Like when a song begins + you squint your eyes + listen for a moment, taking in each beat + the music's flow + the tempo , in time, determining what theis . 

And once theis there, it is hard to stop the beat . 

Like the ticks of the hand on the clock . One tick after another . Consistent . 

So , here is to my O N E  W O R D .
This year's emblem . 
Chorus . 
Here is to keeping the beat alive in my life . 
Steadily . Fast or slow . 
But all with O N E thing :