Monday, November 25, 2013

Grateful 3 0 | T W E N T Y F I V E

A recap for this mind of mine :

A grateful heart requires an awareness .
A grateful heart is open to being grateful about all things .
A grateful heart sits at a continuous feast .
A grateful heart is not of great foolishness .
A grateful heart takes less credit + gives more gratitude .
Gratitude is like math + is in proportion to our ability to see beauty + possibility .
Gratitude colors our world .
Be grateful for A L L things, as they have contributed to our advancement in some way .
That thorns have roses is lovely .
Gratitude for joy + suffering, alike, is in equal degree in a pure heart of love .
It's the hurt that sometimes reminds us of what we have to be grateful for .
Gratitude changes our perspective not our circumstances .
Gratitude is perspective .
Gratitude delivers a message in the mess .
Gratitude and plentitude align .
Gratitude is beyond M E .
Gratitude requires welcoming all blessings while adjusting my heart to express openly admiration for them .
What I truly believe about gratitude lies in my reaction to all things .
Gratitude fosters community .
Gratitude is no one - step process . From heart to mind to vitals + body to all we have + are is a sea of it .
Gratitude is comprised of more than uttering words .
Gratitude is expressed by living by the words as well .
Gratitude is neither silent or unexpressed .
And :
Gratitude is a G I F T to be G I V E N + U N W R A P P E D .

In this season of gifts, may I remember to not only to purchase or create a gift + to wrap a gift beautifully for someone I love, but give it as well + let the unwrapping of it bring joy . 

A perfectly wrapped gift may look beautiful under the tree for a time, but in the end, what is inside is so much more beautiful .

A   F E W   R E M A I N : :

I would love to have others join in taking small moments each day to begin filling each empty space in a gratitude notepad like my own . Writing those W O R D S, those reminders off all that you may have to be grateful for .  Already sent out several notepads, but a few remain . . . so join in the goodness, you . 

And for a look into my thankful mind 1 1 . 2 5 . 2 0 1 2  : 

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