Thursday, November 7, 2013

Grateful 3 0 | S E V E N

Gratitude is a matter of heart .
Gratitude takes awareness .
Gratitude is proportionate to one's awareness .
Gratitude is a matter of heart .
A heart that can lead to sitting at a continuous feast .
Gratitude is different than great foolishness .
Gratitude is propelled outward .
And gratitude is C U L T I V A T E D .

In my grateful words today, C U L T I V A T E + several other words stood out to me :

C U L T I V A T E  |  To try to acquire or develop
H A B I  T  |  A usual way of behaving ; something that a person does often in a regular and repeated way
C O N T I N U O U S L Y  |  Continuing without stopping ; Happening or existing without a break or interruption

C O N T R I B U T E D  |  To give, something such as money, goods, or time, to help a person, group, cause or organization ; to help to cause something to happen .

A D V A N C E M E N T  |  The act of moving forward ; the act or result of something better, more successful .

Ralph Waldo Emerson's words may also say :

Try to acquire or develop
the usual way you behave
of being grateful
for every good thing that comes to you
and give thanks
without stopping, without a break or interruption .
And because all things have
been given to help you and cause something to happen in you 
to your
act of moving forward, better, and more successful ,
you should include
things in your
gratitude .

And I'm thinking that though Emerson notes to be grateful for every G O O D thing that comes to you, there may be more than just good that can "contribute to my advancement." More to come . 

A L S O : A   F E W   R E M A I N : :

I would love to have others join in taking small moments each day to begin filling each empty space in a gratitude notepad like my own . Writing those W O R D S, those reminders off all that you may have to be grateful for .  Already sent out several notepads, but a few remain . . . so join in the goodness, you . 

And for a look into my thankful mind 1 1 . 0 7 . 2 0 1 2  : 

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