Sunday, November 17, 2013

Grateful 3 0 | S E V E N T E E N

These words from Brene Brown remind me a bit of the words from Grateful30 | F O U R, specifically the reference to some sweet, yet sometimes ungrateful - often unknowingly ungrateful - children . I remember in my teaching days, often defining moments of P R I V I L E G E . Something special we were able to see or hear or do or taste . Advantages not always earned or ordinary, but truly greater than the usual .

Especially living in the United States, I often feel compelled to think that I deserve this or I deserve that . We are given images day after day in the world around us that paint the belief that we are entitled to a good education + job prospects + a nice car + fashionable wear + beautiful skin + someone to love + a nice home on a street with tall oak trees looming .

And while perhaps this I S reality for some, were they automatically entitled to a life such as that ? Or is it a privilege ? Worthy of gratitude ?

Privileges, N O T entitlements in my life, worthy of gratitude N O W  ?

- Being outside on a mid-November morning with the sun shining .
- Living in a place as beautiful as Colorado is .
- Having family + friends to love + spend time with .
- Having time to explore the creative passions I have .
- Belonging to a church that speaks T R U T H + always reflects the Gospel message of Jesus .
- Having a healthy baby on its way to arrive in S E V E N T E E N days . Or sooner . Or later .

And many, many more . So grateful . 

A L S O : A   F E W   R E M A I N : :

I would love to have others join in taking small moments each day to begin filling each empty space in a gratitude notepad like my own . Writing those W O R D S, those reminders off all that you may have to be grateful for .  Already sent out several notepads, but a few remain . . . so join in the goodness, you . 

And for a look into my thankful mind 1 1 . 1 7 . 2 0 1 2  : 

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