Friday, November 1, 2013

Grateful 3 0 | O N E

Why does it sometimes take the sweet month of November to wake up + EXPRESS what it is I am grateful for ?
But here we go again, November . you're here now + you've brought me back to this place .

November 1st .
The first of any month is refreshing in its own sense .
There's always a way to find a new beginning in anything, but that flip of the calendar and the tossing on calendar months passed find me taking an extra breath of fresh air .

Even already today, I've taken a couple additional hyperventilated-type breaths, realizing that this month will be my last month - ever - not yet having a child . Extra fresh air . So while this day may be a day of beginning, its also a day of ending in a way . So crazy to think .

Nonetheless . The first . Today . November . Thankfulness . Gratefulness .

This morning I found myself looking back to last year's November 1st, when I began a similar series throughout the month, finding something I was grateful for each day .

Reading last year's post, I couldn't help but smile as I read my words from 365 days ago .
I know, oh I know, my heart has changed in so many ways over these past 12 months, but in reading this post, I also felt comfort in knowing some parts of my heart haven't .

Hello me, last November 1st :

How fitting to read on this day . After an entire year's worth of  W O R D S once more .
But knowing the power words have had in this last year blew me away .
W O R D S  read in the books I've gone through with the ladies of the book club I joined .
W O R D S  sung standing in the crowd and standing on stage leading worship with the church band I joined .
W O R D S  heard in my head telling me it was the right time to end my teaching career . And not just hearing the words, but acting on them . Which I did . And I have not once regretted .
W O R D S  spoken when I was able to tell my boy we would be parents by the end of the year .
W O R D S  remembered being said five years ago as my boy + I slipped rings on one another's fingers and he kissed his bride .
W O R D S  written and written again in order to put together my calligraphy business, Illustrated .

Words have played an incredible part of my life this year, and I love that W O R D S were my initial thought last November 1st when I sat down to write the parts of my life I was most thankful for .

So, November : I am grateful . Grateful being synonymous with thankful .

And though I am grateful over thirty times over, November has thirty days I will use to express my gratitude .
This month, Lou|Collective was once again a contributor for The Tethered Crate, a monthly subscription to receive a "crate" full of handmade goods from different makers around the country . And for this last month of October's subscribers, L|C created gratitude notepads .

Just a simple notepad sewn together, with original L|C mixed media art on the covers, its eclectic pages being a perfect hideaway for things gratitude-worthy to be noted in a moments time . In time for this sweet November day . So 50 individuals have received their gratitude notepads now + I will join them . I sewed mine together this morning and its pages are burning to be filled with W O R D S of gratitude .

Since W O R D S have been such an integral part of my past year, I will use W O R D S to express my gratitude .  Words of gratitude itself . Words that speak to thankfulness and praise for all of the good seen + heard + said + given + done in my life . Words that remind me to forever be blessing minded .

These thirty days are days to express my gratitude in W O R D S .
These last full 30 days of my last month before I am holding that little bundle of baby that may just make me the very most grateful person in this very big world .

So hello, November 1st . I am grateful you came again .

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