Saturday, November 9, 2013

Grateful 3 0 | N I N E

It turns out that gratitude takes perspective . 
In the last two weeks, I have begun spending some hours at a floral business that just opened across the street from our home . I cannot tell you the excitement I felt when I first Googled "Bella Calla" to see what it was that looked so pretty in the large corner windows of the building at the end of the block . 
In our neighborhood - which I L O V E - there is still quite a bit of transformation taking place from the reputations it has maintained from years past . A history of gang related violence and crime and poverty has rightfully made it so, but change I S happening . 
And to me, seeing a flower shop at the end of the block I S change + is so refreshing . 
And being able to help at this flower shop, from day to day, time to time, has been so refreshing as well . 

Perspective . Choosing to see the good in spite of the bad . 
C U L T I V A T I N G a H A B I T of choosing good over bad . 
A perspective that makes one grateful that thorns have roses and not cross to be the one that removes the thorns in order to create a beautiful bridal bouquet . 
A perspective that makes one grateful to live in a neighborhood that I S revitalizing . A neighborhood that doesn't just mask the hurt + pain + struggles that so many individuals + families face in their day to day . A neighborhood that demonstrates a diversity in so much more than skin color . I am grateful for that . 

And A L W A Y S roses .

A L S O : A   F E W   R E M A I N : :

I would love to have others join in taking small moments each day to begin filling each empty space in a gratitude notepad like my own . Writing those W O R D S, those reminders off all that you may have to be grateful for .  Already sent out several notepads, but a few remain . . . so join in the goodness, you . 

And for a look into my thankful mind 1 1 . 0 9 . 2 0 1 2  : 

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