Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Grateful 3 0 | F I V E

Yes, yes yes . Gratitude takes awareness . 
Continuous A W A R E N E S S which leads to a
G R A T E F U L   H E A R T  that sits at the
C O N T I N O U S   F E A S T .
Beautiful .

And the awareness continues . Awareness of W H O my gratitude gives credit to . Many times when I sing out in gratefulness for all that is in my life, it remains an issue of pride .

Have I not worked hard in jobs + to buy wonderful things like a house and car and clothes and furniture ? Have I not found an incredible boy to marry + love forever ? Have I not used what I know and am passionate about to create a business ?

Are not any of the things I  D O and
I  S A Y and the decisions
I  M A K E and accomplishments
I  T A C K L E worth the gratitude ?
Yes . But  S O  much deeper, I owe this gratitude outward .
E V E R Y T H I N G I have in this life is not of my own doing .
E V E R Y T H I N G I have the ability to do in this life is not of my own doing .

Less credit to me, inward + more gratitude outward . Dietrich knew what he was talking about here :

In his book Letters and Papers from Prison, Deitrich Bonhoeffer continues this statement by saying, 


Without the help of others giving + illuminating + inspiring + encouraging + supporting + believing + understanding M E, what would I have ? Where would I be ? 

This attitude of gratitude is N O T about me at all . For I've done nothing on my own accord that would be worth noting in this here notepad . Thanks, Dietrich .

I added some other particular words to the book today as well .
Words that tell of things, big + small, that I am grateful for T O D A Y .

What words would be on your pages ? If you don't yet have pages, see below . . .

A L S O : A   F E W   R E M A I N : :

I would love to have others join in taking small moments each day to begin filling each empty space in a gratitude notepad like my own . Writing those W O R D S, those reminders off all that you may have to be grateful for .  Already sent out several notepads, but a few remain . . . so join in the goodness, you . 

And for a look into my thankful mind 1 1 . 0 5 . 2 0 1 2  : 

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