Tuesday, September 17, 2013

v 1 8 .

Yes, I will say it . 
Goodbye summer . 

And I am ready to admit it : Fall 
I S 
my favorite season of the year . 
I think now that I am done teaching, this plain.jane.fact can admittedly be told . Loud + clear . 
I love F A L L smells . 
I love F A L L colors . 
I love F A L L festivities : hay rides | pumpkin carving | drinking apple cider . 
Or making caramel apple spices in the comfort of my own home . 
I love F A L L clothes . 
Back to layering and long sleeves and sweaters . And boots . 
Don't get me wrong, I love the thoughtlessness that needs to go into summer dress . When you don't have to think of what goes with what + you can just throw on a bikini + sundress, find a piece of jewelry + call it good . I love that too . 
But there's something about mixing fabrics + textiles in browns + golds + crimsons, all bringing their own little piece of joy to the attire . 
Fall is the season we got engaged . Sitting at a picnic table in a park in Menom . 
Surrounded by the smells + colors of fall . 
I was N O T wearing an ideal fall outfit, as I was a complete grub, but he asked if I'd marry him anyway . H A . 
And so, this season of summer, is winding down + I'm ready to say goodbye . 
Onto a season of fall . A favorite season . 
There really is such grace in new seasons , isn't there ?  Especially fall . 
A season of a crisp + fresh start once more . 
Restart . Regroup . Rethink . Renew . 
And really, my sweet Bebe Swenny should be born at the end of the season as well . 
Fingers crossed it'll be a fall baby . 
And I'll love this season EVEN more . 
M U C H more to come this season . Stay tuned . 

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