Tuesday, August 27, 2013

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On my mind lately ? 
Blessings . 
And two words : Blessing Minded . 

It's been a pretty easy thing for me in the past months to have doubts in the way that life is going . 
Things are SO good, but still, so many questions to ask . 
Are we really ready for a baby ? 
Should I have really quit my job ? 
Should we really live where we live ? 
Will all of these years of my boy's school really pay off in the end ? 
Am I really living up to my potential ? 
Will be really be fine financially ? 

It's easy to push out the little blessings of each day when my mind is so wrapped into these . 

But earlier this month, the day before my boy | my love began his first day at dental school, he left me a little gift on the kitchen table . Sweet , sweet boy - ready to begin what will be one of the most challenging + milestone-ish parts of his life, after he has worked SO hard to get here - buying M E a gift . 
Nonetheless, a beautiful gold locket lay in front of me . 
A blessing in itself, as it took my boy looking at nearly 40 different lockets in different antique stores to be able to find the perfect one, though chainless . So he worked to find the perfect chain as well . 
And a note lay there too : 
It's the end of something good, 
and the start of something G R E A T . 
Wear this to remember how blessed we are . 

Inside my locket now, that I wear nearly E V E R Y single day, I have a photo of my boy + I on one side + a photo of our sweet babe . 
| To be updated in three short months . A H | 

Blessing Minded . 
I decided I wanted to be just that . S O  much more than I am each day . 
Being mindful of the abundance of blessings in my lives . In the lives of those around me . 
Not giving up on asking the earlier questions - there will be plenty more I'm sure - but remembering in the midst of them all, how blessed I am . We are . 

To be living where we live | Knowing who we know | Loving who we love | 
Feeling how we feel | Moving how we move | Doing what we do .
Blessings first in my mind . Before the worries and doubts and questions . 
Our blessings aren't questionable in the least . 

So blessing minded I am today . And blessing minded I will strive to be tomorrow . 

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  1. Oh, Kayla! You brought tears to me today. You have such a way with words and your sweet, sweet story will only get sweeter! Enjoy!


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