Sunday, August 18, 2013

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Another little change in my life is the fact that I will N O T be returning to teaching this week with my fellow teaching friends . And though it's strange to be passing aisles of school supplies and not brainstorming what my classroom needs + how I'll better arrange my furniture this year + thinking about new curriculum components + who my students will be, it's not all that strange that I feel happily content with it . 
My job has no doubt been an issue I've wrestled with for some time now . Only 5 years through a career that I spontaneously made the switch to my first week in college, and I'm going to be through with it ? There really were  S O  many components of teaching that I loved : the students | making a difference in childrens' lives | learning alongside little people with such a fresh + innocent perspective on life | teaching them academic skills, but life skills too | arranging my classroom + configuring the P E R F E C T aesthetics for making every learning day beautiful . 
But there was still a large part of me that felt so constricted + limited by all that teaching brought . So many expectations and so many deadlines and so many tasks to be done and people to communicate with and skills to teach and benchmarks to meet and assessments to give and performance evaluations to have . And while there is always mixture of unloved tasks along with what you really L O V E a job for, the balance somehow was off for me .  And I never wanted to be that person that feels stuck in something they don't L O V E just for the sake of being comfortable . 
Life's too short to go to a job, only to cry each day, wondering why you're there again . 
Life's not too short to overcome challenges . And it isn't too short to wait for a wise opportunity for change + a shift in perspective . But when you know in your gut that something isn't right + you've already overcome challenges + there is a wise opportunity for something new,  T H E N you don't keep crying + keep the job . You hand it over . So I did . To someone who will love the job more than I could . 
I finished out the school year the day before we left for Hawaii + Minnesota + now that we are back home + my boy has started H I S new adventure | dental school |, I'm onto new adventures too . And I feel S O good about it . 
And things changed a bit since I originally resigned . As in --> a  B A B Y is on its way . And so my plan to find some full time work with the creative arts has shifted once more to me figuring out what to do for the next four months + thereafter, with a babe in arm . 
And that, my friends, brings me to this , my latest independent arts endeavor :
|  C L I C K   O N   I M A G E S   T O    O P E N   W E B P A G E S  |


Stemmed from my love for W R I T I N G . Writing letters + words in lovely ways . Writing anything + everything and making words into small fragments of art . I love collaborating with others who L O V E the beauty of words + design as much as me . I love that I can make this happen whenever + wherever . For as long as I love it . Which will probably be a very long time .

L | C remains an ongoing adventure as well + I hope between these two operations to L O V E what I'm doing + feel like I am doing the right thing for me + my boy + our babe + this lovely life .  There will be M U C H  much more to come concerning my life solely as an artist | designer , so stay tuned .
But in the words of the song I shared for our anniversary just days ago, all right now is
S O   G O O D .
S O   S W E E T .
S O   R I G H T .
And I am S O thankful for that . 

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