Friday, August 9, 2013

v 1 4 .

Someone please tell me where time has gone . 
Because today marks 5 whole years that have gone by since I married my best friend . 
So much has happened since that sweet August day back in 2 0 0 8 .

And it feels as if what's happened in these 5 years is barely scratching the surface in terms of what will happen in the next 5 . I won't say that I've loved E V E R Y second of E V E R Y day of the last 5 years . I have never been a good liar . But I will say that it took E V E R Y second of the last 5 years to become what my boy + I are today . I honestly don't think 5 years ago I even imagined him being A S incredible of a person as he is . We've learned S O much about each other + there is still so much more to know . 

So, consider this an ode to my love , my boy , my husband , my baby daddy . 
Once again , consider me a lucky gal . 

These are the words I ' ll be singing today , from our day . 

I love you Swenny .

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