Tuesday, August 6, 2013

v 1 2 .

One of the first plans to change this year was our anticipated move to M I L W A U K E E . 
My boy was accepted into the Marquette School of Dentistry and we visited over the holiday season . 
And I  L O V E D it .  
And I thought it was perfect for us . 
And a new start . In a new place . New people . New sights . A new place to call home . 
After all , Colorado had been our home for 4.5 years already . 
And that seems like a good time in one place before a G O O D B Y E / H E L L O somewhere else . 
I thought . 

But we were surprised to find out that the School of Dentistry at the University of Colorado also wanted my boy in their program . And they did what they had to do to get him to go there over Marquette . And with their in.state tuition they swept our Milwaukee.driven hearts away, with the realization that in paying off a few hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loans , less is A L W A Y S better . 

So Denver it was . 
B U T  there was still this nagging for a new start . In a new place . New people . New sights . A new place to call home . 

So one afternoon , we decided to look at a place for sale for the fun of looking . And that looking turned into an offer . And an accepted offer by the end of the afternoon . 

And that accepted offer led to us quickly realizing we now owned two homes + needed to sell our beloved 5 2 2 to move onto N E W things . B E T T E R things . 
S M A L L E R things . 

For some reason in our time here in Denver , we have always progressively downsized in our moves - going from 1 , 0 0 0 square feet to 9 0 0 and now , 6 0 0 . 
In our new home , 3 1 3 1 . 

And from that February 9th afternoon that led us to buy a new house across town we  fixed up + packed up + consolidated up our 5 2 2 .
 We got the keys to 3 1 3 1 on March 2 0th .
 And we gave up our  5 2 2  keys on April 1 9 while I was on a trip to Cali . 

And just like that, we had our new start . In a new place . New people . New sights . A new place to call home . 
And I couldn't love it more . Really , I don't think I could . There was always this complex with wanting something new but not wanting to give up the old . Wanting change but not - at the same time . And I really did think it'd be harder to give up our 5 2 2 than it turned out to be . We had been there 3.5 years + had so many F I R S T memories there + we had completely made it our own + I didn't know if it'd feel right to have someone else own it . To give up what we'd worked so hard to make. Our 5 2 2 had evolved , slowly but surely , over those 3.5 years + by the time we said goodbye , I loved it more than ever . 

But the home that we had made was more than the house itself . So much more . And once things started being packed away + once wall colors were neutralized for selling + once our evenings were spent at 3 1 3 1 , 5 2 2  was just a house . 
Sure , our initials will always be engraved on the front + back yard trees and there are plenty of signs that will forever be left in that house , recalling our days there , but it is just a house again . 

And these days we love calling 3 1 3 1 our H O M E .
3 1 3 1 tour to come .  And more of my life to come . 

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