Monday, August 5, 2013

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 Almost six months have passed . Again . 
This A L W A Y S happens to me . 
Life, that is . 
It's like my life + my blog think they live in different worlds . 
Can't have a life + blog . 
Can't blog + have a life . 
Someday, perhaps, they'll decide to marry + this place can be a real C U R R E N T representation of my life instead of simply a catch.up . 
But for now, here's the catch up . 
And as much as I could gab on + on about the sixty billion N E W facets of my life, I'll take it easy . Take it slow . One little facet at one time . 
One . Or two . Snapshots at a time . 
So many different snapshots of life have been collecting over six month's time + each one holds such a treasure . With some snapshots, they were immediately recognized as G O O D and immediately gave us a million reasons to smile . 
At other times, different snapshots have also held uncertainty or an incredible sense of mystery .
They've felt like the photo above . 
My boy + I staring at them , not quite knowing what to make of them, but knowing they must be  G O O D . 
And in time , we have seen just how good each has been + will be . 
Life is + has changed for me , my friends . 
A  S N A P S H O T at a time . 
Thrilled to share each piece with you in days to come .        - k

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