Wednesday, December 26, 2012


 Season's Greetings to you all !
Just wanted to share a piece of me + my boy's lives with you today . 
Here is the Christmas-card-poster-style-masterpiece 2 0 1 2 :

I do hope you were able to decipher the intended message . It took some family members O T H E R family members' assistance , like a little Christmas puzzle , to put the words | phrases together . If not a Christmas card , than at least it's a mind game . 
May these words be bright in your heart today . X O X O

Saturday, December 1, 2012

x x x

I guess I can be T H A N K F U L that on this very last day of the month ,
I was busy having too much time to write about anything here .
Christmas shopping .
Tree up .
Decorations out .
Garland up .
Window lights up .
Nativity centerpiece up .
New tree skirt found .
Candles in window .
Spiced Apple + Cinnamon scent sprayed .
Parade of Lights enjoyed .
Friends loved .
Laughs had .
Table dancing successful .
A   S P L E N D I D way to end this sweet month .
Now, O N W A R D , to a new beautiful month .
With Holiday Handmade + ugly sweater shopping + Christmas card printing + white elephant gifting
A L L  H A P P E N I N G   T O M O R R O W  A L O N E .
L O V E   I T .
Thank you for joining me in one very thankful month . More to come .