Monday, November 26, 2012

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Thankful T O D AY that the official 
M Y . B O Y . H E A R S . F R O M . S O M E . D E N T A L . S C H O O L S
is down to O N E  W E E K from today . 
I should make a paper chain . 
My boy ' s been quite busy these past two years now with every kind of science + type classes + last January he took a big Get.Into.Dental.School type test + last June he Spent.Our.Life.Savings.Just.To.Apply.To.Schools + this Fall season he has been Spending.Whatever.Is.Beyond.Our.Life.Savings | my work bonus, I suppose | to fly to 5 of the 12 schools to officially interview + 
in one week from today , we shall hear the verdict . 
At least from these five schools : 
Marquette // Case Western // University of Michigan // University of Minnesota // Columbia University.
Yes , Colorado is not even a choice @ this point , so a move may be approaching | mixed feelings | , but time will tell .   Furthermore, to make everything just a little more complicated , some schools will interview in the Spring only, so we won't know about those schools yet + at least one school will accept applicants without even interviewing, so we may not hear from that school until later on in the 2013 year + everything can most definitely be // bound to change if certain chances arose later , B U T 
N O N E T H E L E S S, for N O W, 
| H O P E F U L L Y
at least O N E choice will make its way to us in O N E week . 
And for that , I'm T H A N K F U L .

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