Thursday, November 8, 2012

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5 2 2   S O U T H   Q U I V A S .
I'm in love with this place . 
Could not be more T H A N K F U L for a H O M E than I am here H E R E .
This home started with white walls . 
Every room . Worn floors . Empty space . 
And what it is now , what it's become to my boy + myself, is S O  M U C H
Watching the news over the past days, countless numbers of people + families have lost their homes. Everything they've worked to make their home . 
They may still have memories + the loved ones that use to fill those walls , 
but there's something about the space in a place you love . 
A place you've created W I T H someone you love . 
A place that now resonates who you are + what you love . 
A place that resounds with little fragments , pieces of your life , 
sounds of laughter + music + love that has taken place there at one time . 
I cannot say how much I love being here . Being safe . 
Being  A L I V E  in this place .
Living my happily ever after .
Of today .

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