Monday, November 5, 2012

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Thankful for C O L O R A D O . 
And | L O O K | Who would not be ? 
I was never a crazy mountainous lassie + still probably am not in comparison with my fellow Coloradans that find joy in hiking from one peak to the next , but I will say that I am completely in 
L O V E 
with the landscape . 
For the past four years my boy + I have called this place our home , I've said that I love the Colorado 
C O L O R S . Hence , Colorful Colorado , I suppose . 
There's just something about the way the yellow grasses meet the browns + grays of the mountains + the brilliant blue sky + a gleaming sun ready to say goodbye for the evening . 
There is something about those colors + that sunset + the G L O W of it all that I will forever be enchanted by . 
Colorado , if we say goodbye to you this coming summer , this will be missed
Ah , ready to cry . But too soon for tears . Simply time to soak up E V E RY moment + color of this place .  

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