Sunday, November 4, 2012

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Myself = incredibly blessed by my family
All parts of it . 
The part that lives here with me : my boy + my pup .
My favorite family of three I know .
My mother's side of the family . 
My father's side of the family . 
My boy's family .
The friends we have that feel more like family than just friends .
Every person in them has played a sweet part in my life + I can truly say that I notice more + more each day the little ways that I am  J U S T | L I K E  some of the individuals in my fam . 
And for that , too , I'm thankful
I have a family that knows how to be a family . 
We know how to love one another + get along + give what it takes to make it work . 
We want to spend time together . And we make time to spend together . 
Even if we live thousands of miles apart .
And that may be a rare thing in this day + age . But it is real in my life . 
Lucky me . Again .

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